The Bay Store
St. Albans Bay, VT

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585 Lake Road St Albans Bay VT 05481
Ste. Marie Family Business

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The Bay Store is locally owned by Chris and Jamie Ste. Marie. Chris is the fifth generation of the Ste. Marie family that owns a store. The Ste. Marie's have always had business within their blood. Chris' great-great-grandfather, Joseph Ste. Marie, started the family legacy by selling eggs, chickens and milk from a horse-drawn cart  in the Northeast kingdom in 1896. Years later Joseph's son L.A. Ste. Marie opened a store in North Troy where he employed his sons Paul and Francis (Chris' grandfather) who both opened their own stores, Paul took over his father's store in North Troy and Francis opened his own stores in Fairfield and Swanton. It was then in the 1980's that Francis's son, Phil Ste. Marie - Chris' father - opened his own business called Ste. Marie's Meat Market, on route 7 located in Swanton. In 1990 Phil then opened Ste. Marie's Inc. in the village of Swanton where he retired at the age of 63.

Chris has been involved in the business lifestyle at an early age. At the age of 11 he was helping his father at the meat market and then at Ste. Marie's Inc. throughout his high school years. In 1998 Chris went back to Ste. Marie's Inc. to help his father and it was there that Chris set a goal of owning his own family business to continue the Ste. Marie legacy. In March of 2012 Chris and his wife Jamie became proud owners of The Bay Store.